Building on more than 18-years of experience in the development, design, supply and installation of systems and components for the Latin American, South American and the Caribbean industrial refrigeration markets, Briedé International Inc. continues its commitment to meeting clients specific refrigeration requirements.

Briedé International Inc. has partnered with such global leaders as Hasegawa Refrigeration, LTD., FES Systems, Howden, Hansen Technologies, H.A. Phillips, Refrigerating Specialties, just to name a few. To better serve its Latin America and Caribbean clients, Briedé International Inc. has established Briedé Internacional de Latin America to partner with local contractors and equipment suppliers in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru to assist clients to bring their industrial refrigeration requirements to their fruition by providing quality and personal service both before and after the sale.

Briedé International Inc. stands committed to development of and supply of small to medium size refrigeration systems for the food & beverage, meat & poultry processing, dairy, distribution and pharmaceutical industries. From compressors, condensers, pressure vessels, evaporators, chillers and freezers to controls, valves and replacement parts, Briedé International Inc. offers economically sound and reliable solutions for clients specific refrigeration requirements.